Sunday, 31 May 2009

What's This All About Then?

Welcome to my part of the Internet. This blog is dedicated to my efforts to expand the scientific and mathematical usefulness of the sharp Zaurus (specifically the SL-C100), running a heavily customized version of hermocom's WeeXPC, which is itself a customized version of pdaXrom 1.1 beta 3.

My starting point for this project was yongon's scientific pdaxrom pages. This work is great in as far as it goes, but the applications haven't been updated in quite sometime, and I would like to add a lot more to this most impressive start.

My main focus is in Mathematics, Graphing, Statistics and Astronomy. Despite its diminutive size, the Zaurus is very capable of running some pretty impressive software in these categories. Whilst the start-up of some of the larger suites may not be exactly snappy, they do run perfectly well.

The end result of these efforts will be a range of applications, compiled and packaged for the Zaurus and made available through this blog. Mostly, these packages will be compiled and maintained by myself, although occasionally I will make use of other people's work (of course, recognition will be given where due). These packages will help turn this marvelous little computer into a very powerful computational tool that easily fits in a pocket. Ultimately, the tool-chain for the Zaurus will limit what can be done, since some application require some pretty modern libraries and components that are mutually exclusive with regard to those already present...such is life.

Since the various forums for the Zaurus no longer appear particularly active, posted to or even maintained, this is likely to be the only source for such updated material. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labours - stop by regularly to get the latest and greatest and updates on my rants and raves as I compile some outrageously large, but really rather impressive pieces of software!

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