Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Delights of Wikipedia...

Well, yesterday I decided that this blog needed a little higher profile, so I added an entry to the Software Resources part of the Zaurus entry in Wikipedia. Nothing wrong with that I supposed; after all, this blog is a legitimate source of compiled open source software for the Zaurus.

Two hours later the entry was removed! This kind of thing really winds me up; I make these applications available for the good of all. I make no money from this effort. There isn't even any advertising on this blog! I will try again, after I have opened an editing account. Perhaps the individual who feels that an application distribution resource that seeks to keep some of the fantastic open source software current for the Zaurus would like to contact me before removing the entry next time. After all, I suspect it is only a few die-hards like myself that are doing this sort of thing!


  1. Well, today I re-made the entry in Wikipedia that lists this blog as an Application software resource for the Zaurus. Hopefully it will stick this time.

  2. ..and I have since tried again! This time, the link stayed for an extra few hours but was eventually edited out. I was told this time that Wikipedia 'does not allow advertising'. In some ways I can understand this, but in other ways I can't. All I wanted to do was provide a link to somewhere, where updated ipks could be found, and which was not subject to the vagaries of the availability of the normal forums.

    So, there you have it; I shall not other trying again as it appears Wikipedia are not particularly interested in having up to date links on their entries!