Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Xephem 3.7.2

Here's an absolute peach of an application: Elwood Downey's (of Clear Sky Institute fame), XEphem 3.7.2 for the Sharp Zaurus (pdaXrom):

I cannot claim responsibility for compiling this, although it is on my list to compile and maintain. This version was found on erklulaneu's feed via

I stumbled across this ipk quite by (very pleasant) accident, and when I found it I just sat there with my mouth open for a few seconds. This is because this was the one application I really wanted on the Zaurus. Since I couldn't initially find it, I started putting together a cross-compiler environment just to compile it - and then there it was! I spent so long searching and trying different things. I had even tried using the Psion Netbook version, since that also runs on an Intel ARM processor. Unfortunately, I ran into GLIBC version problems with that approach. I also found a dead link to an XEPhem ipk on the OESF forums.

There is one slight problem with this version; the night-mode causes the application to crash rather inelegantly! I When I come to compile this and bring it into my fold of applications to keep up to date, I will endeavour to resolve this issue.

However, since this is only 1 sub-decimal release behind the current version, I thought it worthwhile putting this here . I can confirm that this version works perfectly well with the star catalogues you get if you buy the full version. The file structure is exactly the same as this free version and is easy to figure out - just a lot more extensive. The application is very well behaved, and although not blindingly fast is perfectly usable on the Zaurus.

This application requires lesstif. I believe this is part of the standard pdaXrom but if not, I have included a download link to version 0.93.94 at the bottom of this post. Anyway, enjoy.

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