Friday, 19 June 2009

lyx (qt)

Although not a calculation application, I do use this for reviewing my study papers. So if I use it, perhaps someone else will. So here is my compilation of lyx with qt3 gui (pdaXrom):

It looks like this is as far as lyx goes for the Zaurus. Versions of lyx after essentially require QT4. Although some support for GTK+ was incorporated experimentally into some versions in the 1.5.x release cycle, this support has now been dropped completely (certainly as of 1.6.3). Thus, lyx has become a QT4 application in total.

QT4 has apparently been compiled for the Zaurus, although I cannot find the resulting compiled files and I am not brave enough to try and compile QT4 myself at the moment. Also, I have read reports that certain QT4 elements do not behave well on the Zaurus (and have seen pictures to that effect). This is a tremendous shame, since it essentially locks out a whole load of users from quite an array of applications simply because QT4 is not available to them. However, if I do come across the files in my wanderings (or someone can tell me where they are), and I can extract the development libraries, I will endeavour to compile a more up to date release - but don't hold your breath. I have included a download link for the qt3 libraries you will need to run lyx, just in case you don't already have them.

I have included a download link to Jan Poland's huge compilation of teTeX 3.0 since it is the most comprehensive TeX installation I have come across for the Zaurus. Be warned though, you will need in excess of 230mb of space on your Zaurus to install this large TeX distribution. Finally, I have included simple configuration instructions for the big teTeX/lyx package combination. This is not particularly straightforward so if you do not know what to do to get the two to talk to each other, please follow the instructions - EXACTLY! There may be other ways of doing this configuration; all I know is this is what I do and it works. These instructions will ensure that the LaTeX part of the teTeX package is usable in lyx. You can of course trim down the installed teTeX package, or add other stuff to it. However, you will need to reconfigure teTeX and lyx when you add or remove items. Enjoy:

(required) Downloads

(optional) Downloads

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