Wednesday, 17 June 2009

rlplot 1.5 (qt)

Here is my latest compilation, the current stable version of rlplot for the Sharp Zaurus (pdaXrom):

Although this is no heavy-weight graphing application, it is quite handy for producing small graphs and charts for on-screen viewing. However for us Zaurus users, the functionality and thus the usefulness of the software is a little limited. This version has been compiled as a QT3 application. All the really useful export goodies come when the application is compiled against QT4 - which we don't seem to have! However, kudos to the developer for providing support for QT3 and QT4 simultaneously, even if the functionality is dependent on which version of the QT libs the application is is compiled against! Of course, if you are really desperate for output, you can always grab a screen plot with GSnapshot! I have included a download ink for a GSnapshot ipk at the bottom of this post.

One of the features I like about this application its ability to overlay multiple plots:

So, for example, you can easily do a visual check of a data set for normal distribution. Data can be entered into a surprisingly capable spreadsheet-like grid or imported via CSV files, before being plotted with the integral plotting engine. A surprising large number of plot types are supported, from simple x-y scatter plots, through box/whisker plots and a fair few types between.

Being a QT application, you will need the QT3 libraries. I have included a download link to the relevant ipk at the bottom of this post in case you don't have them. Anyway, enjoy:

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