Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Status update 1

I thought I had better post an update. There is a bunch of applications I am compiling / researching / testing at the moment:
  • I have tweaked X48 and should post that within a couple of days.
  • Also, an update to lyx has finished compiling (after 33 continuous hours!). I am working on the proper integration of a huge tex package to work with this - almost there on that one - just one more issue to be resolved.
  • I have an updated version of mathomatic done, which again should be uploaded with a couple of days.
  • xephem is about to be updated via my cross-compiler, so that should arrive within about a week.
  • Research is ongoing with regards to updating maxima. I need to re-compile clisp for this, but I have not yet tied down which version, since different versions work on different platforms! Once maxima has been updated, I will post an update for wxmaxima as well.
  • r and genius were temporarily stalled for the lack of a FORTRAN compiler. I now have a plan for this, and am just waiting on a rainy day to try and put it in motion.
  • I have an on-going battle with scigraphica. I am struggling to get numarray compiled. Again, I have now figured out a plan of attack, and remain cautiously optimistic that I can get it to work - but this will take time.
  • grace has been put to one side for now. I ran into huge problems compiling the cephes package. Although I am not optimistic about this, I would like to feel it is possible. The application itself was an easy compile - as ever it is the pre-requisites that cause the problems!
  • rlplot has bee updated, and again an update should appear shortly.
  • I have not looked at scilab yet, but am aware that it is a big - big job, and if I can get it compiled, it will not be the absolute latest.
One thing I have noticed. The lack of a useful implementation of QT4 is severely limiting the choice of what to compile.....

That's about it for now....check back shortly for some of these updated applications. Ohhh, almost forgot. I now have a SL-C1000 dedicated just to compilation which should make things a bit easier for native compiles.

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